Jesus Changes Everything – Katelyn Duerson

Struggling with the death of her mother, Katelyn became angry & bitter towards God and others. But then she discovered how Jesus changes everything.

Jesus Changes Everything – Jose & Adri Tellez

In the wake of infidelity, alcohol abuse, and depression, Jose & Adri Tellez were at their breaking point. Hear their story of reconciliation, and how Jesus changes everything

Jesus Changes Everything – Tyler King

Struggling with infertility, Tyler and Marie came to realize God is in control of all things, and brings blessing in unpredictable, unexpected ways. Listen as Tyler shares how Jesus changes everything.

Jesus Changes Everything – Roger Holland

From prideful teenager to humble servant, see how an encounter with a co-worker showed Roger how Jesus changes everything.

Jesus Changes Everything — Cristie Cerniglia

Adoption had never crossed her mind, but after hearing about God’s relentless love for her, Cristie and her family couldn’t resist bringing in a child in need. Watch as Cristie shares how Jesus changes everything, even the look of our families. Get a fresh start. Easter at Ashland. [youtube id=”VJp9rSfiDDA” width=”670″ […]

Bible Reading Plan & Family Worship Guide – Week 15

We will begin Week 15 of the Bible Reading Plan on Monday (Need a plan? Click the link below to download). This week’s Bottom Line: David’s actions demonstrate the focus of his heart. Above all, David desired the glory of God. This provided David incredible peace and absolute confidence in the […]
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Jesus Changes Everything – Helena Taulbee

Mourning the loss of her mother, Helena wrestled with uncertainty, questioning God. But Helena was able to move from grief to hope as she discovered that Jesus changes everything. Get a fresh start. Easter at Ashland.

Millie Hunt’s Baptism Video

A few weeks ago, Millie Hunt, who is autistic and completely nonverbal, professed the Lordship of Jesus Christ and was baptized. This was a powerful moment, a powerful display of the glory of Christ. Below is how Millie shared her testimony of faith in the Lord Jesus. [vimeo id=”91615100″ width=”670″ […]
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Jesus Changes Everything – Steve & Andrea Anderson

Struggling with alcohol addiction, depression, and on the brink of divorce, Jesus changed everything for Steve & Andrea Anderson. Hear their story of reconciliation and redemption. Get a fresh start. Easter at Ashland.

Jesus Changes Everything – Selina Li’s Testimony

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